Tuesday, July 16, 2013

TandT: 004 Daily #1

Woooo! Its been a while since I posted something lol. Man the summer has been filled with so many things. Currently I am working on a program sketchbook which by the end of the summer I have needed to completed at least 80 pages. Also, due to the fact that I am not gonna have a digital painting class until next year, I am going to start doing daily digital paintings. (Lets see how long this last lol) But I am determined to make something of this! Although currently my digital painting skills aren't that good, this going to be a great way to keep on motivating myself to get better!!!

So here we go digital painting #1! My inspiration for this painting was Edgar Payne. He is an amazing artist with such an incredible eye for color. Just looking at his stuff makes me motivated to paint like him. So with this one I started off with 30 quick thumbnails, then from there I derived the final piece. Let me know what you guys think.

Yo TandT out!

Time: 1.5 hrs


  1. Nice colors. You could have some better edges. Try painting with no transfer on your brush and at 100% opacity as well. Lookin good!

    1. Thanks Andy! I didn't see this until after I finished with my second painting lol Ok better edges, gotcha! And painting with no transfer, I shall try that too! Thanks for the help Andy!