Thursday, June 26, 2014

Color Practice

TandT: 020

Here is a color practice that slowly made its way towards a sci-fi direction or style. May I say that the sci-fi genre is something that I don't have much practice in but for the sake of it being summer break I thought "why not!"

Friday, March 28, 2014

Ani 115 Pre Production Work

TandT: 019

Here is my Pre-Production work for my short animation I am working on for my animation class. It has been a long semester so far, but it has been a lot of fun as well. Cant wait until this project is done!

So my characters name is Oskar. 

Here is a turnaround of Oskar. 

Some character and color ideations of Oskar.

And before the look of Oscar was finalized, it took many drawings to find his look. (I have more but i dont think you guys want to see them lol)

Including Oskar, there are 5 more characters in the short film. There names are Sam, Karl, Danny, Eric, and Neal. 

These small characters are monsters that ignore Oskar at first due to him being so different than them. Although throughout the progression of the film become close to Oskar.

Some more turnarounds of the small monsters.

Again, this was before the final look of the small monsters were finalized. I tried exploring different looks and shapes although still trying to preserve this sense of roundness for the characters.

Some more drawings of potential small monsters before the small character looks were finalized. 

And a little tease on how my backgrounds for the film are going to look like. 
I got 8 more, but aint going to show them until the film is finished lol.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

TandT: 018

Its been a long semester so far. But being on break has given me a chance to work on a spontaneous personal project. So what I have here is a project I came up with on the fly. Living on the coast I see the endless forest of Eucalyptus trees all lining along the coastside hills. It seems like such a peaceful and mysterious place. I found myself thinking that it would be a great place to build a home. Living in the quiet eucalyptus forest away from the hustle and bustle of the everyday life. A small oasis. So my idea for the project follows my daydream. We have Francis, a retired veteran and school teacher, who decides to leave his busy and tiresome life in the city and moves to the country. Francis is accompanied by his faithful golden retriever, Drake. Francis and Drake decide to live in a small cabin on the edge of a silent eucalyptus grove. They spend their days exploring the Eucalyptus grove. For both Francis and Drake the eucalyptus grove is like there second home. They both find themselves exploring, finding new things with the grove, and getting lost by the beauty and mystery of the grove. Although one day they discover that the grove embodies something that have never seen before; a mysterious power. They soon discover that the grove is alive with an entity all of itself.

So basically I feel like this was great practice of having a small idea and really trying to produce some vis dev on a small amount of time. I gave myself a timeline of 4 days to produce this. Also, I was really inspired by the work done in shows like Gravity Falls and Steven Universe. The vis dev for those shows are straight up gorgeous and really I am just trying to get good those amazing artist. Although this was fun to do, I do have to get back to my schoolwork.

Some cabin ideations for Francis and Drake.

Think I got a little to crazy with the color of the eucalyptus bark lol.

Deep within the grove, they discover the power of the forest.