Friday, March 28, 2014

Ani 115 Pre Production Work

TandT: 019

Here is my Pre-Production work for my short animation I am working on for my animation class. It has been a long semester so far, but it has been a lot of fun as well. Cant wait until this project is done!

So my characters name is Oskar. 

Here is a turnaround of Oskar. 

Some character and color ideations of Oskar.

And before the look of Oscar was finalized, it took many drawings to find his look. (I have more but i dont think you guys want to see them lol)

Including Oskar, there are 5 more characters in the short film. There names are Sam, Karl, Danny, Eric, and Neal. 

These small characters are monsters that ignore Oskar at first due to him being so different than them. Although throughout the progression of the film become close to Oskar.

Some more turnarounds of the small monsters.

Again, this was before the final look of the small monsters were finalized. I tried exploring different looks and shapes although still trying to preserve this sense of roundness for the characters.

Some more drawings of potential small monsters before the small character looks were finalized. 

And a little tease on how my backgrounds for the film are going to look like. 
I got 8 more, but aint going to show them until the film is finished lol.

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