Thursday, August 22, 2013

TandT: 016 Daily #13

Darn summer is now over but school is here!!! Yeah I know I haven't been posting things up lately. But it was due to the fact that I was working on a summer sketchbook that I needed to have completed before the semester started. Now the semester has started, I am officially in the program now (wooo!!!), summer has come and gone;  now it is back to the old grind of school. This semester I am taking two animation classes so what I have decided to do now (hopefully with a little luck and hard work I shall continue with it) is that I am going to try to complete a sketchbook every month. Now it does seem ambitious but I know it is possible if I can really commit myself! The reason why I want to do this is not only because I like to draw but I feel like my drawings need to reach that next level. As of lately I feel like my peers drawing abilities have really improved so it gets me even more motivated to get better. Nothing wrong with a little healthy competition lol Also, I am going to try to continue with my daily paintings. The situation now with school starting, I might need to improve on trying to paint faster because I wont have the luxury of time as much as the summer but I hope to keep my hands fresh until I take a digital painting class next semester. Lets have a good semester!!!

So here a quick Edgar Payne study:

And a page of my new monthly sketch book project:

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  1. Egad a sketchbook a month! That'll be great practice though!